2002-06-20 06:45:46 (UTC)

my lullaby... hung out to dry... whats up with that...

im so stressed now.. overwhelmed..i dont think i even
realize... claudia reminded me of sarah... and it looks
like that is my only and best option.. living with 2 people
i barely know.. god.. and in 2 weeks, july 1.. god.. i
have to start packing tomorrow... i cant stop crying.. i
didnt want to go yet.. and he didnt call.. he did but he
didnt call back and i didnt see him... at least now i have
something big to think of for the next couple weeks.. i
cant fucking believe this.. they're going to look at the
apartment on saturday... im so fucked.. this is my only
option.. and i wont have my own bathroom.. im so fucked.. 2
weeks.. july 1st is in 10 fucking days.. not even 2 weeks..
i have to pack.. i have to read my feng shui book.. god..
this is so big...

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