I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2002-06-20 05:13:28 (UTC)

Still no messages.... :(

Well, I'm just hanging right now. I have an interview for
the Welcome Team position at 9:30am and then a doctor's
appt. at noon for my hands. They seem to be a lot better
lately however. Hmmm, odd. I hate that, when you finally
get an appt. and by the time it rolls around, you're fine.
What a waste.

Chris is coming to visit me!! Yay! I'm so excited I just
don't know what to do with myself. I just can't get over
the fact that he wants to. I need to send him pictures
before he comes so that he can change his mind if he needs
to. My dad owes me $50 for transcribing his boat reviews
so I can at least get my film developed.

I will be baby-sitting Brandyn on Wednesday nights
starting next Wed. Yay! Oh.........wait......Chris comes
in on a Wed. night....and I need to pick him up at the
airport...well, I guess I'll take Brandyn with me. What 4
year old doesn't like an airport? Plus, he'll be a good
ice breaker. I hope Brandyn's mom lets me take him,
because if she doesn't, I can't watch Brandyn. We shall

My math teacher threatened to kick all our asses out of
class today. He swore at us. I mean, seriously, we didn't
do anything. That's just really rude. I would never say
something like that to a teacher (at least within their
hearing distance) and expect to be treated as an adult.
Grrr. Bastard.

Ok, no more news. Hey Mackenzie, you doing ok? How's farm
life treating you? *grinning* I'm sure you're just
exausted and just want to sleep when you're home. Hope all
is well.

Okay, to bed I say! Oh, and leave me messages people,
cause I like to know who thinks I'm at least semi-