a little taste of me
2001-06-21 16:58:03 (UTC)


well everything was going fine between me and him. then i had to go away to south carolina with my cousin katie. so i went and had lots of fun. i sent jesse to post cards in the mail, and i sent samantha one too. i was so pleased to get back and see him. so he stayed at samanthas with me for a whole week. i was so happy. then i had to go to florida for a week with my dad. i had so much fun there. it was the best vacation i have ever had. i sent jesse two more postcards and sent samantha one too. i called jesse while i was there. then we went home. i was busy unpacking when samantha called. she asked about my trip and when we could hang out. then she said something i will never forget. she asked me if jesse was acting strange to me and i said a little why. she said that he had been messing around with another girl. i was so mad! i immediatly got off the phone with her and called him. when he answered the phone he asked me about my trip and i said it was fine and ask him how his week was. he said oh it was normal. i said what about your other girl. he said im glad you called i wanted to discuss that with you and i said there is no discussing this. its over! he said cant i explain. i said go ahead but nothing is going to change my mind. so he said that he loved us both and how he wanted us both. i said it does not work like that buddy. he asked if we could be friends and i said no. he said fine! so i hung out with samantha the rest of the summer. when school started i had to stop hanging out with her. then one jesse and samantha called on three way. samantha asked for me. i got on the phone and jesse said hey how are you and i said if your trying to get me back then go else where because i dont want you i have a man!!! he said no i need to ask you about a letter that was written in your name that was planted on my car. i said i gave up you jesse why would i want to get you back by writing a stupid letter. i dont want you. and now if you would excuse me i have basketball practice. why dont you ask your new girlfriend or even on of your friends. then i hung up and didnt hear from him. well it was about december and i was talking to my friend leah and she said that she seen jesse at taco bell and he asked about me and shit like that. i was like damn i really am starting to miss him. then i was wanting him back and nobody knew except me and leah. so one night after christmas i called his house and gave the phone to my cousin jessica she started talking to him and she told him who she was. well more later i got to go.