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Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-06-20 03:59:26 (UTC)

umm hi

well i dunno whuz been goin' on lately i dont memba...but a
couple dayz ago i had andrew over while my bro whuz at b
ball camp.. big mistake, my bro came home, andrew whuz
still here, i whuznt suppose to have guyz in da house when
my momz aint home, i got caught, got in trouble, and den i
find out andrew has a gurl, and dat he dont like me n e
more, and i think he only came over cuz he thought he whuz
gonna get sumthin' (which he didnt), but he sayz bcuz i'm
his friend, yea wuteva, i dunno i wuhz kinda mad but i let
it go, no big deal, i'm tryin' to get over him. i dunno.
but n e wayz i guess everythin' is kinda settling down now.
i dunno, knightz of columbus is friday. andrew mite go. i
dont kno if i want him der, cuz seein' him is just probly
gonna bring back da feelingz i'm tryin' to put behind me,
ya kno?...but i cant control whether he goes or not. i
dunno. we'll c how dat goes. tomorrow me and erin r going
shopping and tanning, and tomorrow i'm gonna lay out. cuz i
need to work on my tan. cuz i'm going on vacation to
branson to water parkz and shit and i just am sick of my
palenezz, well i aint really all dat pale i just think i
am. oh well. anywayz uhh wut else is der to say. oh hector
whuz bein' really sweet today. cuz he going outta town for
3 weekz and hez like i'm gonna miss u so much and i'll
alwayz be thinkin' 'bout u. he can be really sweet. datz da
side of hector i like. uhh wut else. oh josh is going to
knightz of columbus and i dunno i kinda think he still
likez me, and i dont really wanna be mean or nuttin, but i
dont really like him n e more. dat whuz kinda like a couple
day fling thing. i dunno just an innocent crush. but dat
feeling is gone now. i dunno, i'm just hopin' he dont think
i like him. i've told him a couple timez but i dunno. uhh i
think knightz of columbus is gonna be kool. i hope n e
wayz...yea well i've talked enough now..bye bye!

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