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2002-06-20 03:45:58 (UTC)


Jason....his name is Jason Stewart. We were talking bout
her again today. He said she was always grumpy. Said she
didn't really wanna be there. Hmmmm, I wonder if something
is bothering her.(hahaha) All kidding aside, that doesn't
sound like the girl I know. My girl is fun and full of
life. By the way, he said hes probably not gonna stay
there and I don't think I am either. Its just too boring
for my taste. I thought I might've had another job lined
up but it got filled. So, I guess I'm gonna go out to the
colony tomorrow and tell them I'm coming back. That'll be
fun. I'm lookin to leave permanenetly, but this job isn't
it. I got my haircut last weekend. I had something
different in mind but he cut it a little too short. When
it grows in, its gonna be long on top and short on the
sides. We'll see how that looks. I sent another e-mail to
her friend in Texas. I don't know if she ever sent any
back but I haven't got them. Me and Nick went to go see
Windtalkers that Friday she called me. The speakers in the
theater were breaking up at the start of the movie. I
asked him he he wanted to walk out. We stayed and the
sound got better as the movie went on. I thought of
something odd. She went out of town last weekend and
Sunday was Fathers Day. I wonder if she got back early?
Maybe she doesn't wanna see him so much she just skipped
it. Fathers Day for me was different this year coz we were
celebrating my dads improvement more than anything. I
bought him a nice button down shirt that he wore that day.
God, the earth is crumbling. I was sitting at the computer
today and I heard this CRASH!! A tree in our backyard fell
down. It pulled some wires down but we didn't lose any
power. It also pulled 2 sheets of siding off our house.
We called the insurance company to see if we're covered for
that. I think we are. Even though I miss her, I have been
able to do pretty well. I think about her a lot but it
doesn't affect my life. Shes just in my mind. Probably
will be for a long time. I'm not complaining though.
Thoughts of her are sweet. Well, s'pose I should go. I
get up at 4:45 to be at work at 6. I won't miss those
hours when and if I quit. Goodnight. Take care. Love
you, BYE!!!

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