Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
2002-06-20 03:25:48 (UTC)

What would I say?

I was thinking tonight as I was listening to a Gary Allan
song. I was thinking...what would I say to Adam if he said
HI...would I tell him that my heart was longing for the
love that he's giving her..It's so hard not to think of
him. I want him back, but at the same time, I'm glad it's
over. I think I'm going insane. People tell me I'm too
young to feel love. But if this isn't love..and it's this
hard...I dont know how I'm going to handle it once I am
REALLY in love. I know at one time he cared. And I was
scared then. I couldn't let my guard down. The only thing
is...he took it down with me even knowing.

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