Lisa Ann

Ups & Downs
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2001-06-21 16:23:55 (UTC)

Matty's back!

Well, I just finished watching my daily dose of talk
shows this morning and know that I need to crawl onto my
tredmill, but unfortunatly I just can't get myself to do
it. I am sure I will concure the running sometime today;
however, it just may take a few hours for myself to
actually do so. :) It just takes awhile sometimes...
Matty (my boyfriend) is coming back from Germany
today! I am so~ excited! Can you tell? He should
actually be on the plane at this very moment and arriving
in Detroit at aproximatly 4p.m. I wont be able to see him
when he arrives, like I wish I could, because I have work.
I will be able to see him though when I get off (around
10:30 p.m.), but what i am looking forward to is tomarrow.
I will be able to take him out to get something nice for
lunch/breakfast, and we'll have some time together. :)
That is definatly going to be nice. It's only been a week
and I miss him dearly. Don't get me wrong... it's not like
I am breaking down here in Michigan because I can't live
without his existance, but it is always nice to have that
someone who always understands you. It sucks when they
aren't around because it's hard to find someone to talk
to! So... I'm happy he's back!
Work has been going ok. I haven't been selling as much
as I should, but honestly I haven't been putting all that
much effort in. I can't become upset at anyone except
myself. It just seems that people are so annoyed lately!
They just need to take some huge (I mean large) chill
pills. It's like, "HI!! Can I help you find anything today
mam/sir?" O, you should hear some of there replies! "NO!,
I'm just looking!, How many times are you going to ask
me?" Umm.. I only asked them once... I'm starting to think
that many people have voices inside there heads that keep
repeating themselves and driving them nuts. But hey! Who
am I to say anything?...
Ok, well I'm going to let you all go... I wrote enough
anyway...Take Care.