nobody cares
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2002-06-20 02:41:55 (UTC)

my day

i went to the mall with my friend bessy today but the whole
day was soo boring she didnt want to shop or i mean she
forgot her money and we were staying there from 1 to 9 30
and because she didnt have money she wouldnt let me spend
so we walked around the mall not even " allowed" to go into
the malls like doing window shopping she only wanted to go
to walmart which sux so bad and theres nothing good in it
then she wanted to see undercover brother so we went and it
was the stupedest movie i have ever seen not a best seller
at all i suggest wait till it comes out on video to see it
then it finished at 8 and she didnt want to do anything
nothing at all till 9 30 but go outside where the
musgettoes where really bad
the whole day was a drag and sucked majoly but atleast i
got out i guess