Jena's Rants
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2001-06-21 15:00:04 (UTC)

Where oh where has my lil bitch gone, oh where oh where could she be?

I feel I need to justify the above statement.
Nevermind.......that sounds too much like work.
My mind is ever so soft and mushy today.
Perhaps this is because it is the first day of Summer!
It is. Yes. I know. Oh damn, I keep having conversations
with these voices, that apparently no one else can hear.
I think the LSDBanker has died, I think it had somehting
to do with his crotch rocket. No, not Scari Kari, an actual
motorcycle - y'know a riceburner. I have a puddle around
my desk of leaky watery brains. I don't know if I can put
them back. I think I may have done permenant damage this
time. How am I thinking if they are all gone, hmmm.....

*30 minutes goes by while i am contemplating this*

Oh well, you obviously don't need brains to live -
I have walking talking proof. The Ex Man, Boy Who
Works in Ghetto Store (who by the way was turned
down by numerous branches of the military, but was
somehow accepted into the Navy - full speed ahead, or
snort speed and get head), and Confusion Man. My
Hopinononefoot needs some help smiling, tell me how
to do this SOMEONE!!!!! I need ideas, something
naughty and uh, unusual. Send me some inspiration
damnit! You people owe me, I make an arse out of
myself on a daily basis for your enjoyment, the least
you can do is send me some helpful hints.

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