Ashley's Such a Girl
2001-06-21 14:22:13 (UTC)

Its just me again!

Okay, I have news that I have to fill you in on. Well, I
liked this kid Mike in 1st grade. Guess who called me about
2 weeks ago? He says he got my # from the phone book.
Anyways, we've been talkin on-line for awhile now and a few
days ago he asked me Out! But I dunno, what do I say? He
seems really sweet, whats the problem? I havent seen him
since te first grade! I think I should go out with him
just for the heck of it. I think it could be fun. But wat
if he tuns out to be a total loser? Then what do I do? I
told hm the next tie my friends an I get together, i'll
invite him along. Hopefully I can pull Kris or Andy into
it. But, what could we do together? I would never wanna g
some place alone with him. This is so tough! If you have
and suggestions, please e-mail them 2 me!
[email protected] Thanks a bunch! luv-Ashley