nfinite empyrean

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2001-06-21 12:22:03 (UTC)

still mantaining strong

well i am getting organized now...writing down lists of
what i would like to accomplish ...i am getting ready to
watch the rest of this movie that i have been trying to
watch for like a and cookie suppose to be doing
something today...what i don't know we were going bike
riding but it seems that it is going to rain....but that is
not what this diary is for huh....let me see... what else
do i have to share about "friend" yeah i will
consider him a friend now....he gives me great advice...and
it is like he reads me like i am a is like he
knows what i need....not saying that i want to get with him
because i don't ...different temperments...he mind's well
be gay for all it matters but he is helping me find
myself ....well anyhoo...i always have known this but he
just bluntly pointed it out...i need to be happy chilling
with myself before i will be happy with anyone else....he
also told me that no matter how much i thought i was ready
to settle down i am not....which is oh so true...i would
probably be the runaway you know how many times
i was engaged...well pizza is calling to you later