a freak with a heart
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2002-06-19 22:57:17 (UTC)

only a few days


only a few more days!!!!!! i can't wait im so excited. Ash
is really excited to. this will be my first time on a plane
and i can't wait to gooooooo. it's gonna be so awsome. lets
see.....one day of nothing (tomorrow).....one day at Dorney
Park.........and one day of packing....then i go. 10 days
away form family in a place i have never been. come home
again wash clothes 2 days of nothing then gone from the 6th
to the 28th. i can' wait to be in my baby's arms again!!!!!
i miss his touch so much. i want him so bad i can't stand
it, in every way possible! talk later!!!!