The Thoughts of A Writer
2002-06-19 22:43:25 (UTC)

It's hot up in heeeerrree!!!

So, I am sitting up in my room right now and it has
to be at least 85 degrees. A friggin sauna up in here! My
glasses (yes, I am a neerrrddd!! ;p ) are foggin up. I am
dripping. Anyways, enough about my gross description!!

"I know this may be real easy for most people, but it
was hard for me- SO BACK OFF!" I love that movie! (Billy
Madison) It was on yesterday and it was soooooooooo cool! I
was watching Big Daddy today, "Whats your name, he'll write
it on the wall! MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!" I laugh non-stop
everytime I see those movies.

Anyways, I am cleaning out my 'Favortie Places'. It is
filled up with fanfic sites and I just realized a couple of
them have closed down. If you know any good ones, send them
to me please!! {[email protected]} I like all kinds
so if you have any faves, send them in to me ASAP, but
especially if there is alot of them.

I haven't talked to anyone since school ended. That is
sad, usually I talk to everyone the next day. Something is
wrong with me. I hate calling people though. I will
literally sit and wait for them to call me instead. I dont
know why but I just dont call. I love talking on the phone,
but thats only when they call me. I just dont call others.
Well, that took up space! LOL. I have to go, work on the
story!! LOL, buh byes!

“I would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a
lifetime of nothing special.” –'Shelby', 'Steel Magnolias'