Little Girl

2001-06-21 12:12:34 (UTC)

Chess in my life...


Lots of things have happened the last weeks, since the last
time I emptied my hart to this diary...

My life has improoved alot! And my mood are better then it
was, now I walk around always with my smile glued too my

The loss of Silja, my horse has going quite in to me.. I
missed her so incredible much, and the regrets of selling
her has followed me around everywhere I'd go...

Couple of months ago I started at a ridingschool again and
took lessons.. Improoved my knowledge and got even better..
Then I heard of a horse called Irish Tinker/ coultered cob
and Irish cob, an gypsian horse.. And got really courious
about it.. Contacted couple of people here in Norway who
have knowledge about this breed and got to see one of these
creatures... And I've felt in love imidiately... She's
black and white (pie-ball) 6 years old and got this instant
personallity I can't put my finger on... She wants to
cuddle and she's caring and tender, calm and kind!
So, now I've "rented" her for the summer, and if I buy her
before september 1. the money I payed as a lease are
whithdrawn from the amount of money she costs.. And so long
I'm very pleased with her...

She's western trained, so I try too reschool her into
dressage and showjumping.. Lots and lots of training on the
ground, roundpen practices and confidense practice...
We go for walks in the forest, and build a speciall
friendship.. I have suspisians that she have been wtih
unexperienced people, or mean people, because she's scared
of her head and of the whip... And everytime I take her
bridle of she bangs her head into the air and the iron
crashes in her mouth... She has gotten a bit better though,
she trustes me more and more every day that wents by...

Must say I love her! and I hope she will trust me and my
goodness 100% because it's sad that others have treated her
this way...

Hope though others may help me whit advices and to share
their knowledge with me... All help apriciated!

With love