2002-06-19 22:21:31 (UTC)

Hey~ Well i am tired of trying..

Well i am tired of trying not to offend anyone by
writing in MY diary... its so retarded.. you say stuff and
then people bitch at u! I am sick of it.. it is my diary
and i can say whatever the hell i want to so dont give me
shit about it ok?.. i think everyone is being so retarded
about this whole step-family thing.. damn.. if it was my
choice i wouldnt even be talkin to them... i will never
meet them and i dont want to meet them they are stuck up
spoiled little brats with frikin rich grandparents and they
are mad cuz their dad is 2 months behind on his child
suport. God... I wouldnt care if my dad was 5 years behind
on his support. My mom and steve are filing for backrupcy
and we live in a trailer that has a big ass leak in it ever
month... Do u see me complaining.. no... those kids have it
good!.. as long as i have my friends and my family then i
wont complain.. im out..