Life of Joolz
2001-06-21 10:55:51 (UTC)

Thursday 21st June-Midsummers day 2001

11.45am-been up since 7am and am fasting as colonoscopy is
at 3pm this afternoon. Feel very weak now coz I'm starving.
Just painted window frame in comp. room-thought I might as
well as it's easy and not too difficult to do-not a lot of
energy burnt there, unlike emulshioning walls is it?

Was another manic day at work yesterday-the punters will
not stop ringing up-all bloody day long as well.
Ridiculous, as we are short staffed again, down to 3 on our
section, when we should have 9. They are all on training
courses and annual leave so there's no-one to pay any
benefits hardly, no wonder everyone's ringing up coz no
money's being sent out!! Catch 22 situation-it's always the
same every summer. Never mind it'll be my turn to be off
week after next.

It started off sunny here, was a beautiful morning but now
it's clouded over again-tut. Midsummer's day and all. bet
there'll be some good celebrations at Stonehenge today.

Washed and ironed last night and am up to date now. House
is all clean so if I am uncomfortable when I come home at
least there's nowt much to do the next couple of days. If I
feel better tomorrow I might start painting the lounge
walls-Ron says I've not to though.

Yesterday I scoffed a WHOLE HALF of a chocolate cake at
work-Nic got promoted hence the cakes. By God, I stuffed
mesenn like it was the last supper, coz I knew I wouldn't
get owt today-ouch, my tums a rumbling now. Only had a
small evening meal coz I was full-no wonder!
Yesterdays grub:
Breakfast: 2 wholemeal toasts/banana
Lunch: doritos and half a choc. cake. (V.bad)
Evening Meal: Fish in batter done in oven, vegetable
rice,green beans,slice wholemeal bread. (V small meal)

Stuffed to capacity!! Wish I could have summat right now.

11.55am-Off to bath and wash hair as I'm a right scuffer-
Ron's gonna have his lunch and I can't bear to watch. Will
update diary tonight when back home if not too drugged up.
Might be in bed for a while?? Dunno-it's not every day you
get a man looking up yer jacksie is it?

So long, farewell.............................

13.10pm-now I'm nervous and believe it or not, not hungry at all.Feel
sick..gonna dry my hair. Tum's colly wobbling. Had text off Sue.
Taxi's booked for 2.15pm-bye for now..