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2002-06-19 21:11:26 (UTC)

letter never to be sent.

dear matt,
i kinda wanted to talk to u after our conversation last
night. its been bringin up some memories and it just knda
pushed me to write u. to be perfectly honest i have not
been as happy as i was with u. and im fruratd because it
was like two years ago. sometimes i wonder how well i
express this to u or mabeyi play it cool. but the truth is
that i still think of u a lot and sometimes i wish things
were different. this probabally sounds so crazy because so
much time has gone by and i feel really ashamed of the way
i feel and i want it to go away. i mean ive moved on and
dated other people since u but i havnt felt the same way. i
dunno... i guess my fears are that you have changed or
moved on. also i guess if u still cared u would say so. but
i just had to have u kno that u will always have a place in
my heart. love always