Theories, Thoughts, & What Ifs
2001-06-21 09:16:25 (UTC)


So, I'm talking to my friend Jac, and she tells me that my
passage to her made her cry. That wasn't my intention. I
wanted to give her words of encouragement. I wanted to let
her know that she's stronger than she thinks, all she needs
to do is look inside of herself.

I know she meant it as a good cry, but I still felt bad. I
never want to bring tears to any of my friends eyes. I guess
sometimes it can't be helped. I can't control how they feel
and what emotions are going through them. I should just be
grateful that I have friends who I can always count on, the
way I know they can count on me.

It's amazing how people bond. The friendships that are made
are usually started with a hello, smile, or "accidental"
bump. And then the forging of the friendship is started. And
then those people are the ones you call when you have good
news to tell, or when you need to cry and to vent.

We don't pick our friends, they pick us.... and I'm so glad
I have the bunch I have now.

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