The Game
2001-06-21 07:42:43 (UTC)

Charlie Brown's little red haired girl.......

did you like the Peanuts allusion in the title??

i've decided that discussing unpleasantness only leads to
more unpleasantness..... so i'm gonna talk about how fun my
day was instead *grins*

so.... a little after ten in the morning, i get a phone
call from one of my new friends.... and as christine has
probably guessed, one i am greatly attracted to.... if you
say anything to her about it i swear i'll never talk to you

twenty minutes later i have three attractive girls (oh and
one very strange boy) climbing into my car... we stopped at
every single one of their houses before finally stopping at
Red's house to wait for more people.... then stephy (who i
haven't seen in forever.... hmmmm... Red is convinced
i “like” her, and while stephy is rather gorgeous....
well.... ok, so maybe.... but not actively.... oh stop
looking at me like that!! I know I’m incorrigible) and
these two other girls show up and after some horsing around
we all leave for the beach....

damn graduation practice... i had to drop them off and come
to that first, but at least i got to play in the pool

after that horrid event i went in search of Red and the
rest of them.... i found them down on the beach around 14th
street... everyone but stephy and that hot girl that drove
the other car (for the life of me i can't remember her
name) was out in the water.... so i got steph to put some
sunscreen on my back *grins* and then the three of us went
out into the waves.... the surf was great....

Red is absolutely adorable when she gets into the water...
she totally losses it and starts acting like a little
kid.... daaammmmnnnnn she’s hot....

hmmmmm.... what else....

i got to be pretty tight with the other girl.... grrr... i
wish i could remember her name.... *sigh* ah well.... i got
back from the beach around seven and was here like twenty
minutes before pickles and Red call me and ask me out to a
movie.... *does the math in his head* so that is five hours
at the beach....

Red invites Mike Renado and about five minutes into the
evening me and pickles are convinced that she is infatuated
with him.... *sigh* sadly..... me and mike had fun talking
about it over their heads though.... i've noticed men can
do that quite well.... he doesn't know what to do, cause he
is flirting but it isn't intentional and after all... he
has a girlfriend! *shrug* that isn't my problem of course,
he just thinks it is really funny that he can probably get
what i want.... but it is pretty much understood that young
lifers only date within young life (or bring them into
young life, but i don't feel like being in a religious
cult).... women.... it was still pretty fun and evolution
was a fucking hilarious movie..... Red has such an adorable
laugh.... *grins* yeah, i know, i'm a masochist.....

me and mike are still trying to figure out whether that was
meant to be a double or not.... something that doesn't
appeal to me, cause then i would have been with pickles
(which doesn't appeal to her either, been there done her...
didn't end well, she got possessive)..... mike hopes it
wasn't, cause that isn't what he wants... but.... who knows?

so lets see.... christine says she isn't mad at me
anymore.... i got to spend time with Red in a bikini, not
to mention the 4 or 5 other hot girls in skimpy
swimsuits.... saw a good movie.... got some more surf, sun,
and skin..... pretty tight...

oh yeah... i ran into little meth when i was looking for
parking.... *grins* she was lookin great in a bikini as she
leaned in my window to say hi.....


shit... i forgot to give ceely my last spare grad
ticket.... since i didn't get to talk to her and i won't
see her tomorrow (probably hitting the beach again).... i
guess i'll give it to pickles and Red since they want to
come make fun of us..... this of course makes me sad... she
was so excited about getting that ticket...... *shrug* what
can i do?


oh... yeah, notice i'm calling her Red? i thought i
wouldn't make it anymore obvious than it already is....
*chuckles* that isn't gonna work too well.... *shrug*

i am an odd person i know......

Every day is another toss of the dice.

~~Fortis Exaequo Vita~~

I'm gonna let it all ride... maybe it will land on black
the next spin.....

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