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2002-06-19 18:18:54 (UTC)

How Me and My best friend Met

Today my brother came over, he told me and my mother
that he met a girl that he loved. My brother is 22 and this
was a big surprise for us; My mom, sister - Lauren (14). I
have a smaller sister, but she was too young to understand.
He had been dating this chick for a while and had kept it
secret, they met at work , where My brother, Jeffrey is the
manager. I was excited, when we met Jessica(Jessie), I
found out she had 4 brothers, and 4 sisters. Two of her
sisters, close to my age, one 11, the same age as me, and
the other 12, almost 13. Their names are Rachel, and Anna.
I was excited to meet them. I have long blonde hair,
green/blue eyes and I'm about 4'5. I have kewt freckles
also. I was to get to meet them on my birthday.
March 5th, 1998
Today is my birthday and I'm having my party at
Skatecountry, today I will meet Rachel and Anna. When I got
to Skatecountry, all my friends were there, but I was
mostly waiting for Rachel and Anna to get there. When they
got there, Anna hung around her sister , Sue who is much
older than her. Rachel skated around and I skated with her
and talked to her. That night they spent the night with me
and some other friends. We had so much fun, and the next
morning, we rushed everyone else off, so we could have time
alone to actually get to know eachother. The three of us
were friends on the spot. We loved eachother. I spent the
night at their house every weekend. Me and Anna were closer
than me and Rachel at first. I loved to hang around Anna,
she was so cool, we went skating and she would have so many
phone numbers that guys voluntarely gave her. She was
beautiful, dark skin, even though she's white. Rachel and I
are very white, with freckles like both of our familys. But
Anna, different from both of our familys, resembled none of
her sisters or brothers.She had Brown hair, straight brown
hair. Long legs, brown eyes, just gorgeuos. Rachel, Wavy
brown hair, same length as mine, had freckles in the same
places I do. She had brown eyes, her brown eyes and brown
hair were the only difference between us, everyone thought
we were twins. We thought alike and did a lot of the same
things. Anna began to grow away from Rachel and me though.
She started to hang around her older sister, Nana, and
Nana's friends , Maria and Nicala. Maria known as Mo, and
Nicala known as Cala. As me and Rachel played , we always
told eachother, we'd never grow up like Anna did and be
rude and not want to play anymore. We started to play with
David , her little brother who I grew very close to ,and I
think of him as a brother. He would always ask advice
about girls, and I would hook him up with girls. And now
he's a girl hottie...i mean every girl wants him!! As I
forgot to mention...The Hill family is homeschooled, Rachel
Hill, Anna Hill ..all of them. So they didnt make friends
easily, I was a step into their light. And I dragged them
into my life, into the world. ......... Part 2 later on.