A kEwT cHeErLeAdEr'S DaYz
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2002-06-19 17:59:33 (UTC)

He Cheated on me

Dear Jahjo,
My boyfriend, David is the best ever! Today I was
sick , so I missed out on Wednesday skating. I went to the
doctor instead. When I got home I checked my mail, "Yess!!
Mail from David!" I thought. I opened it up and it
said, "Lisa I want to break up" and a lot of other stuff. I
was freaking out and I went to my room and called David. He
said, "Did you get my email?" and I said, "It's true? Why
do you want to break up with me?" He sounded sad and he
told me what happened at skatecountry, he flirted with a
girl named Michael is what he told me. After going through
sadness and Michael's friend, Destiny calling me, David and
I got back together. The next time we went skating, a good
friend of mine, Coty, told me that David was going to kiss
Michael but and employee that passed by said, "Quit
macking." and they got embarrased. I freaked and broke up
with him. Later we got back together...but now I never
speak to him at all because, he's .... weird to me now.


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