A kEwT cHeErLeAdEr'S DaYz
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2002-06-19 17:47:41 (UTC)

Best Friend, Jerusalem Coolest Gurl ever

Dear Jahjo,
Today my friend, Dustin and I were chatting on Yahoo!,
and I called him a Bitch, I was playing though. Then his
girlfriend, Jerusalem, under the screenname
OoOshortangelOoO instant messaged me. She said, "Bish why
did you call my boyfriend a bish?"
"He called me hoe first!" I replied, and she
answered, "Lol , he didn't tell me that" and then we
started talking and becoming friendly. "I gave Dustin a
nickname, lol shh" She said. "LOL what is it??" I asked
her."LMAO its BUSTIN because he always busts moves on
skates" she answered, and I was crackin up. "Hey Bustin", I
said to Dustin on the messanger. "Don't call me that." He
said to me. Jerusalem said, "LOL he said, howcome you told
Lisa my nickname?" I started laughin again, and Dustin got
off. Then I began to tell Jerusalem all of the things I
thought about her before we met. I told her that Darrel,
her X-boyfriend and my boyfried, David's brother, he calls
me prep and asked her why she called me prep. "LOL" she
said. "Because he told me to, and I didn't know you, and I
thought you were a prep!" Then I told her about Michael
Jean Anthony, I can't stand that wolf looking girl. She
started making ludicrous remarks, like "Who the FUCK hit
you wit da ugly stick??" and I was laffin sooo hard. I like
her a lot, she and I have a lot in common, we both hate the
warewolf. "You know what??" she said. "One time..Darrel
found one of David's books, and it said...." she
paused. "David Loves Michael" and she put LMAO. I was like
OMG are u serious. And she said, man don't worry, David is
kwazy about u!!!! Then we talked all night till like 7 in
the morning. And then she called me and we talked. Later
she started spending the night with me and stuff, But i
didn't want to leave my best friend, rachel out. I love her
shes my sister. So I invited her to spend the night, every
time Jerusalem came, and they ended up to get closer, and
closer, and closer. And they went over to shannon's house
with me , and Ral was going with shannon, while Jerusalem
with Michael. Leaving me out.


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