ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2002-06-19 17:46:50 (UTC)

Adeiu Adeiu Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow...

well I am leaving my-diary.org i do believe...to
Diaryland..becuz Airi is teaching me how to do supa fly
templates and all that kewlness....so i'll prolly call it
Unfashinable Observations...in tribute to Nietzche.it
should be neat....i'll give the address on here later in
case ive attracted any fans...which is doubtful.
oh my alot has progressed...if not regressed lately.
Airi is currently staying with me becuz the atmosphere at
her home has turned rather unstable....and sum time away
will give her a break and a lil control to her life.her and
jimmy are having sum troubles..the main one named
Natasha.Airi gave him a damned good black eye.
i was off monday and tuesday...monday i went to Value City
to get my lay way and then i went to Travis' we walked over
to Billy's, smoked a joint and then went back home.well
derek came over and we got high again...i left my new glass
bowl there...so i dunno if i';ll ever see it again.then i
had my smoking class and i came home and ate pizza...i got
sick and travis and derel stopped by....to borrow
money..which I will NEVER see again.then they left.i was
scared travis was gonna get mad cuz i didnt go out.so
yesterday i went out with my mom to open a bank account and
all that.then i had my docs appointment....they did my
biopsey...which HURT LIKE HELL and left me sore.im scared
about whats goin on with me.so i didnt get home till like 6
so i called travis ....NOT HOME..then Airi walks over and
starts crying saying she doesnt kno what to do...so i let
her stay with me and we went to her house to get sum
stuff...then we hung out here and this morning she got up
and went to work.so shes coming back when i get off work.i
tried calling travis...hes not answering..hes prolly not
interested in me anymore.hhmm...life is shitty.

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