A kEwT cHeErLeAdEr'S DaYz
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2002-06-19 17:30:20 (UTC)


Dear JahJo,
Rachel is befriending me for Jerusalem, Jerusalem is
nothing but trouble and now Rachel is going through very
difficult times. Her Mother is sleeping with Mark
Peotterini and her Dad has no idea. Her sisters , Nana, and
Jessie can't tell her father, but they are sad and torn
apart about it. Now Ben, Rachel's brother has split up with
his wife and two kids. He slept with his wife's sister,
Julie, His wife had a breakdown, and now with this secret
*I* hold of Ben sleeping with Shay's sister, I am sad.
Rachel doesn't know about it, and niether does Shay, it
must stay that way...but why? Rachel used to be my best
friend and now she hates me I think. I never would have
thought that someday instead of us being equal and always
there for eachother that she would go to a freak gurl who
is jealous of me. Qoute to Jerusalem from me: "Your
jealousy is my energy, ever wonder why I'm always so hyper?"
I am a cheerleader and that eats them up. I want Rachel
back, not the weed smoking, stealing gurl I now know, but
the sweet innocent Ral. I might never get her back.


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