fake plastic diary
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2002-06-19 16:54:56 (UTC)

i couldnt be bothered writing a real diary so maybe this will be better

oooookay then. how to write things with out sounding
ridiculous? well, today started out pretty badly. foolishly
didnt realise that my history exam was today and i was
still in my pjs 15 mins before the exam started. good job i
live near school. i didnt have chance to revise either.
luckily my knowledge is reasonably good and the questions
werent too bad. i still kicked myself.
went to manchester with chaz. looked for somethin to wear
to the prom. didnt find anythin. its nxt friday too. ah
well. i dont suit anythin anyway. plus i have no money.
need to get a job. so many things to buy, so little money.
at least im enjoying the things i spend my money on. who
says money cant buy happiness? im goin seein greenday one
day festival thing. no doubt, rival schools, hoobastank
and "A" are playin. wouldnt it be funny if "a" dropped the
a and were just called ""? oh and im goin seein jesse james
and my vitriol. ooooh cant wait. and leeds festival of
course. stayin the whole weekend camping.
bored of typing. goin to do...stuff.