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2002-06-19 16:49:30 (UTC)

Who am I?

This is how I feel right now...
"I walk on the outside wall the people created in the land
of limbo. In between heaven and hell, I walk. I look and
recieve the looks of distaste while recieving praises as
well. I feel as though I exist yet I don't. How can one
such as I be so great that when even I look behind me,
there is no footprints in the sand? If I am awake but
asleep how can I know the different between reailty and the
imagination. I am in between the light and dark, no no...I
AM the light and dark. I may even be part of your
imagination. I see other personalitys and see how easily
they can be remade, why can't others see through opened
eyes. Or maybe mine are closed and opened too? So tell
me, oh please tell me how I'm here to do something great
when I'm not here."

I know it doesn't make much sense and it probably looks
like I'm a hypocrite but seriously...I feel that way. I
feel like people like me..but they don't KNOW me. I put on
an act of personalitys because I know how they will respond
to them, they like those personalitys rather than my non-
existent one. Although, if mine doesn't makes
sense that they don't like it...