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2001-06-21 06:24:00 (UTC)


I never got a chance to say goodbye when my grandmother was
I never got the chance to make it--she had already run out
of time.

But I'm glad her death was in her sleep;
that way I know she didn't feel a thing.
The cancer that caused her death made her very weak
where she couldn't get out of bed or eat.

And as each day goes by I keep asking myself, why?
Why did it have to end this way? I guess it was meant to be.

And still I tell myself from time to time
if only I got the chance to reach out my hand, hold her in
my arms
and give her one last goodbye,
how it would make me feel so much better inside.

I'd give anything to feel her last breath blowing slowly on
my chest
As I'm letting her go, bending down on my knees,
begging God, please take care of her!

From this day I'll cherish the times we've had
even though sometimes it makes me feel very sad.

Knowing how very strong, never quitting, always holding on,
that giving, loving, caring person she was will always be
very special memories in my mind.
I love her with all of my heart and soul and her spirit
I will always hold.
She will never be left behind
as long as I am here alive.

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