¤*°- My Own lil Hell -°*¤
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2002-06-19 15:49:59 (UTC)

Im such a bitch. Im a bitch to..

Im such a bitch. Im a bitch to everyone... Last nite me and
some friends walked to Quick Mart to do a Cop scan.. if
there was cops out, bummer.. if there wasnt, then we were
gonna terrorize Cowen... Cops were out... So we went to
Quick Mart and there was these bitches there.. Ok well
first, you have know what happened the night before.. Jamea
and Rachel and I ran around town cussin ppl, including a
stop sign that said FUCK YOU on it, the fire house, and
these apartments with some FAT bitches in front of them.
lol Ok.. well the FAT bitches were at Quick Mart when me
and my friends did the cop scan and the bitches were
like "do yall know anyone that drives a white neon?"
talking to some other bitches. And she was refering to
Jameas SILVER Neon, NOT WHITE. So I was stupid and said HEY
realized, "Oh shit.. they out number me in size AND
WEIGHT." So the bitches went back in the apartment and got
some friends while it was just me and 2 other ppl *Jaclyn
and Jennings* so they hollared something and I pointed and
laughed.. then ran like hell. lol So since the cops were
out last night I was bored, so me and Jennings decided to
race the dirt bikes.. he was on one, I was on the other,
and Jaclyn was gonna race the winner. So ok.. here we
were.. on the paved road, no helmets or anything.. just
racing. So I was waiting on Jennings to start up his dirt
bike and I decided to be kewl and rev the motor to make a
black line before we started and ride a wheelie. But it
didnt happen that way... I didnt have enough weight holding
down the back of the bike so it flipped back on me... Ok..
So here I am lying the middle of the freakin road with a
dirtbike on top of me and I just laid there.. Didnt cry
didnt laugh, nothing. Jaclyn thought I died.. or thats what
she said anyways.. but I didnt die *DUH*. So yeah.. then
when I came home Amanda seen us and told my rents what we
did and I got a HUGE ass lecture on how "you shouldnt ride
dirtbikes on the main road, expescially {spelled wrong}
without a helmet, you could die!" Yeah riight. Im sure they
would miss me so much too. Uh huh. So when I got home
(after the lectures) I got pissed and took a SMALL handfull
of Advil... Oh well..Last night I had a weird dream.. and
it seemed like it was a good idea tho..Ok.. I was driving
at Leslie straight with Jamea in the passanger seat and we
were going towards Boliar. Well this white mustang with
silver racing stripes was coming on the oppisite side of
the road and I waved at them.. I dunno who it was.. but as
soon as I made eye contact with them they ran off the road
and died.. then I pulled over and told Jamea to get outta
the car.. she did and I drove over a cliff.. and in 6
months I was forgotten.. No one even remembered my