Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2002-06-19 13:36:20 (UTC)

Sick as a damned dog...

I am still sick. Still coughing, still sneezing, wheezing,
hacking, snorting, stuffed up, congested, head achy
and still in dire need of something to releive myself of
this crappy feeling... blah...

So I am still reading Zatharustra, Neitzsche's epic. And
thinking, man this guy is a misogynistic pig, sometimes
I am one, it's rare. but I am a guy, and my left wing
feminist mother says that there are occasions that it's
okay. Not! I was raised by my mother, until I was 15 and
moved out because I couldn't stand being around her.
I've got to admit however that there are things I have
learned about just living with my mother.

The first thing is, that I don't allow any grrl I date in my
kitchen, I hate my mothers cooking with a passion. The
last 4 grrl's I let in there, either started a fire, (Karla and
Nicole) or dropped a carton off eggs, spilled the vodka
and cayanne on the floor and screaming at the top of
her lungs to make herself feel better, (Megan) or drop
kicked roast out the window because it wasn't cooked
all the way through after 7 1/2 hours, (Erica) we ordered
pizza and I tried to console her, I did not do well. Most
grrls can be dangerous to my health in my kitchen. The
only two grrl's I have let into my kitchen are Jamie and
Sandra, both know how to cook, both would kick my ass
if I didn't....

The second, is that I having a clean apt, is a good thing.
My mother is the Queen of pack rats. In her own apt, for
6 months I wasn't able to see the floor, you think I am
kidding no doubt, there are boxes, and papers, and
videos and shit all over the place. My mother works two
jobs, 16 hours a day. She goes to work at 8am and
does her $15 an hour day job, she comes home and
then works on her home office film distribution
company. She's always in a state of moodiness,
always complaining about one thing or another. 2 years
ago, I was helping her do it, but I gave up, it was too
stressful, and she still asks for my help, but I still try to
avoid it at all costs... This has been going on for 7
years, and it's driving her to an early grave.

Now, I will admit, to give my mother credit, she did gift
me with life, and granted me the abitlity to do whatever I
wanted, I used to take ballet, jazz, dance, soccer,
hockey, baseball, music lessons, swimming lessons,
art lessons, arts, film you name it, I took it. My mother I
and I have not gotten along very well, but I think alot of
people do that. Single parent, not very well off, and
without alot of support from anywhere it was rough. I
know, I lived it. I will admit that I did have a decent
enough child hood, and I will admit that I am grateful at
times... Although if my mother knew I was writing this
she would have a heart attack....

Must be the sickness getting to me....