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2002-06-19 12:53:41 (UTC)

I Hate Skye

Today we just started exams, and me and my sister we're here
early. We we're waiting up by our lockers and Skye came up
with ugly Mandy and Amanda. She came up and started talking
to my sister about how bad she looked and that she wasn't
trying to impress her fellow class-mates. Then she turned to
me and was like "is that the same pair of pants you wore
yesterday?" and i said "i don't know i can't remember." and
then she said "why do you wear the same pants everyday?" and
i replied "because i'm not trying to impress my fellow
class-mates." and then she murmered dirty as if i couldn't
hear and i yelled bitch right up in her face. She was all
like oo nice come back and i said "you to." with a huge
smile. And then i said "Skye you'd better watch what you
say because Erin and Manda are coming here next year (Erin
and Manda are my best friends and they hate Skye and they
told me that they we're gunna kick her ass next year) and
their gunna pound you're ugly ass face in." And then she was
all like "I ain't scared of your friends they can't do shit
to me, and they must be pretty lowsy if their YOUR friends"
and i said "oh really? you say that to their face and you'd
get a shot in the mouth." (then i was just like omg Skye you
just dissed yourself because you Mandy Amanda Leigh Ann {LA
was once my best friend but then she backstabbed me and
became bf with Skye} and Gwen we're all my friends once
untill Leigh Ann backstabbed me and untill you backstabbed
me) then i was just like "get a fucken life and stop messing
up other peoples." And then she threw a piece of paper at
me. I didn't know she threw it i thought my sister did but
then my sister told me after and now when i see her walking
in the halls i'm gunna chuck it at her face and say "garbage
belongs with garbage." After all that and when she was
walking down the hall she was all sayin shit like "your a
fucken ass Danah blah blah blah." and i said "your wasting
your time Skye nothing you say hurts me so fuck off and quit
trying." Anywho i'm gunna go i'll write tomorrow about my
entire life and everything i've every went through and
you'll understand why i'm depressed and shit. (this is only
my second entry)