My life
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2002-06-19 12:25:22 (UTC)

convo w/ me n danny

Sk8er Oam2: i asked u to dance but nnnnnoooooo!!!
SugarPlumXxOo: well neways since u dont
care...............omg i did dance w/
Sk8er Oam2: fine may b twice
SugarPlumXxOo: im sry i wasnt n the dancing mood 2night
Sk8er Oam2: but guess who didn't even talk to me and was
the one who asked me to go and was the whole reason i went
Sk8er Oam2: yea but i was

SugarPlumXxOo: no
SugarPlumXxOo: jamie was the reason
Sk8er Oam2: yes
SugarPlumXxOo: seeeeeee
SugarPlumXxOo: told u
Sk8er Oam2: yea
Sk8er Oam2: god y do i have to like her
SugarPlumXxOo: i dont know
SugarPlumXxOo: SICK
SugarPlumXxOo: im sry danny but shes such a lil hoe
Sk8er Oam2: w/e
SugarPlumXxOo: but i guess ur moving on up from me
Sk8er Oam2: yea ok u real smart movin up
Sk8er Oam2: yea rite
Sk8er Oam2: shes 12
SugarPlumXxOo: yea shes a big step up from me
SugarPlumXxOo: yea ......i know
Sk8er Oam2: yea rite now i no she is a big step down
SugarPlumXxOo: downloads two wrongs by wyclef jean its my
song for u.......
SugarPlumXxOo: then we are u trying on her??
SugarPlumXxOo: why**
Sk8er Oam2: cuz i like hr
SugarPlumXxOo: mmmmmmmk
SugarPlumXxOo: but download that song k
Sk8er Oam2: terrible reason i no
SugarPlumXxOo: well can i ask u sumthin?
Sk8er Oam2: yes

SugarPlumXxOo: do u like her just bc of her looks are is
there sumthing else ther
SugarPlumXxOo: e
Sk8er Oam2: both
SugarPlumXxOo: ok r u d/l those songs
SugarPlumXxOo: that song***

Sk8er Oam2: just the way she is i guess its just theres
sumpthng bout her

SugarPlumXxOo: ok
Sk8er Oam2: ok one more time
SugarPlumXxOo: one more time on wta
Sk8er Oam2: wat was the song
SugarPlumXxOo: two wrongs by wyclef jean its my song for
Sk8er Oam2: k
Sk8er Oam2: is jean its mah song for u a song
SugarPlumXxOo: its called two Wrongs
SugarPlumXxOo: bye wyclef jean
SugarPlumXxOo: and its my song for you
Sk8er Oam2: and the other is
Sk8er Oam2: k i got it
Sk8er Oam2: who u liken now
SugarPlumXxOo: dont kno
Sk8er Oam2: cool
SugarPlumXxOo: ya u
Sk8er Oam2: u and jamie
Sk8er Oam2: wens brant comin back
SugarPlumXxOo: dont know
SugarPlumXxOo: dont care
SugarPlumXxOo: i havent thought about him all wkend
Sk8er Oam2: howd i no that was comin (dont care)
Sk8er Oam2: good job
SugarPlumXxOo: Sk8er Oam2: howd i no that was comin
(dont care)
SugarPlumXxOo: wat is that suppose to mean???
Sk8er Oam2: u said u were tryin to get ova him and when u
said dont no i was thinkin ud say dont care rite afta it
SugarPlumXxOo: i dont get it
Sk8er Oam2: n/m
SugarPlumXxOo: ok????????????
SugarPlumXxOo: well im confused
Sk8er Oam2: sry
Sk8er Oam2: no u no wat mah life 8is like
SugarPlumXxOo: what is it like
Sk8er Oam2: now
SugarPlumXxOo: what is it like
Sk8er Oam2: god im gona stop talkin if u wont start
Sk8er Oam2: confusion
Sk8er Oam2: confusing*
SugarPlumXxOo: wat?
SugarPlumXxOo: u said u no wahat my life is like and i
asked how is it like?
Sk8er Oam2: dont worry about it
SugarPlumXxOo: nO
SugarPlumXxOo: im gonna worry about it say it again
Sk8er Oam2: so wats up do u understand that
Sk8er Oam2: jk
SugarPlumXxOo: why are u been so freaking mean
Sk8er Oam2: im not
SugarPlumXxOo: say it again so that i can
understand it
Sk8er Oam2: im just in a very bad mood im not tryin to b
meen it just comes out
SugarPlumXxOo: nice profile
Sk8er Oam2: ok im retarded i dont no anything and its
really confuising thats how mah life is always confusin
SugarPlumXxOo: ya well so is mine
SugarPlumXxOo: how is yours confusing
Sk8er Oam2: yea u could have nething u want
SugarPlumXxOo: no I cant!
Sk8er Oam2: o sher
SugarPlumXxOo: name 1 thing
Sk8er Oam2: may b not nething
SugarPlumXxOo: see there r sum things i want that i cant
have bc of other ppl.....
Sk8er Oam2: and b sides i thought u said we werent friends
SugarPlumXxOo: omg i told u 2night that i was sry
Sk8er Oam2: i no i was jokin
Sk8er Oam2: i was hopen u would b there tonite though
SugarPlumXxOo: um ok
SugarPlumXxOo: no u were hopen that jamie was there
Sk8er Oam2: jamie doesn't rember im alive
Sk8er Oam2: i wanted to see u too
SugarPlumXxOo: ok
SugarPlumXxOo: then why do u like her danny
Sk8er Oam2: so i could try to get us back to friends but u
said sry
SugarPlumXxOo: yea u were really trying when i said ur
name u gave me that pissed off look u have and u werent
even gonna talk to me
Sk8er Oam2: b cuz i THOUGHT she liked me
SugarPlumXxOo: well
Sk8er Oam2: sry but rite when i walked in the door jamie
was kissen another boy and that kinda piwwed me off
Sk8er Oam2: pissed*
SugarPlumXxOo: well im sry
SugarPlumXxOo: did u d/l that song
Sk8er Oam2: yea she says she only kisses guys she really
likes but ...
Sk8er Oam2: its taken foreva
SugarPlumXxOo: have u kissed her
SugarPlumXxOo: well still u have to d/l its important
Sk8er Oam2: a couple times
SugarPlumXxOo: when
Sk8er Oam2: friday nite yesterday at the beach an couple
of times and last nite and almost again tonite
Sk8er Oam2: god i hurd wat u told mah sis bout me
Sk8er Oam2: hey
SugarPlumXxOo: sry not talking to u u kissed jamie!!!
thats sick
SugarPlumXxOo: yea ok..well go out with jamie its cool i
dont mind.
Sk8er Oam2: no
SugarPlumXxOo: yes
Sk8er Oam2: NO

SugarPlumXxOo: YES
SugarPlumXxOo: boy dont be getting an attuitude w/ me i
got my own
Sk8er Oam2: no
SugarPlumXxOo: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyes
Sk8er Oam2:
SugarPlumXxOo: u dotn love me or like me nemore ...r
w/ u shoudl go out w/ jamie
Sk8er Oam2: member u said u cant get over someone u love
in few days or even weeks so wat makes u think i dont love
u ne more
SugarPlumXxOo: actually i dont think u dont nemore, i dont
think u did to begin with. i dotn see how. i mean ur
profile says it al
Sk8er Oam2: u used to neva act like this when i neva said
nething bout me liken u
SugarPlumXxOo: act like wha
SugarPlumXxOo: t
SugarPlumXxOo: ive always known danny!!
Sk8er Oam2: yea its like now i bring it up like every day
and recently we have been fighting every day
SugarPlumXxOo: yea well
Sk8er Oam2: yea well i was thinking if i didn't show it we
wouldn't fight but i like u to much and i show it when im
trying not to
SugarPlumXxOo: danny not telling me that u dont like me
isnt going to help our situation anymore. we just have to
figure out what we both want and get to an
understanding. honest w/ each other bout how we
feel. bc truthfully we havent done that
Sk8er Oam2: ur rite
SugarPlumXxOo: ya
Sk8er Oam2: ok truthfully
Sk8er Oam2: i want u more than ne one or ne thing
Sk8er Oam2: u want brant i guess
SugarPlumXxOo: i feel like since brant dosetn love me then
obviously noone else can.....not u, not matt, not
anyone......and i want u as my best friend, but then again
i want u as my boyfriend. i dont knwo what i want
Sk8er Oam2: yea well i think we r makin progress
SugarPlumXxOo: ya i guess
SugarPlumXxOo: but thats why i dont htink that u love me,
like me, w/e u feel
Sk8er Oam2: y b cuz brant doesn't
SugarPlumXxOo: yeah.....n other people
Sk8er Oam2: brant doesn't no wats goin on he has,had the
best chance to have the best ggirlfriend there is and he
screwed it ova... i personally think he is retarded just
for that reason
SugarPlumXxOo: yea well
SugarPlumXxOo: he isnt the only person i love that dosent
love me
Sk8er Oam2: u neva told me this
SugarPlumXxOo: told u wat
Sk8er Oam2: u love someone bsides brant
Sk8er Oam2: who else
SugarPlumXxOo: my dad
Sk8er Oam2: god case
Sk8er Oam2: y*
SugarPlumXxOo: what
Sk8er Oam2: im sry
SugarPlumXxOo: its ok im use to it
Sk8er Oam2: im not
SugarPlumXxOo: u know he didnt even call me on my
birthday, or write me, or nething

Sk8er Oam2: casey im sry
Sk8er Oam2: i think im the one gettin reall sad here
Sk8er Oam2: u sound fine
Sk8er Oam2: but i no ur not
Auto response from SugarPlumXxOo: im outside right now so
leave a message...later
Sk8er Oam2: casey listen im sry

SugarPlumXxOo: im fine seriously
SugarPlumXxOo: its just he is my dad
Sk8er Oam2: listen ill change the subject
Sk8er Oam2: im so sry
SugarPlumXxOo: ok
Sk8er Oam2: wat r u doin tomarrow

SugarPlumXxOo: itsok
SugarPlumXxOo: nothing just chillin here with emily i
think we might go out w/ troy, her boyfriend, n sum of his
friends, but i dont know
SugarPlumXxOo: did u d/l that song?
Sk8er Oam2: cool
Sk8er Oam2: yes and i listened to it
SugarPlumXxOo: all of it
Sk8er Oam2: yup
SugarPlumXxOo: k did u like it or hate it
Sk8er Oam2: i thinks its pretty cool
Sk8er Oam2: i guess
Sk8er Oam2: its different
SugarPlumXxOo: ya
SugarPlumXxOo: thats why i like it
Sk8er Oam2: yea same here i guess
SugarPlumXxOo: u dont have to like it its cool......neways
wat r u doin 2morrow
Sk8er Oam2: who nos
Sk8er Oam2: goin to da beach
Sk8er Oam2: may b to a movie
SugarPlumXxOo: kool
Sk8er Oam2: ur neva at da beach are u
SugarPlumXxOo: i sleep till 3 i never have time
SugarPlumXxOo: sorry imnot jamie.........jk
Sk8er Oam2: god the latest ive ever slept in is prolly 11
SugarPlumXxOo: hmm well emil keeps me up till 5
Sk8er Oam2: plz dont bring her back into the conversation
Sk8er Oam2: haha emily*
SugarPlumXxOo: i call her emil
Sk8er Oam2: yea
Sk8er Oam2: thats cool

SugarPlumXxOo: newayz
Sk8er Oam2: y didn't u have fun tonite
SugarPlumXxOo: dunno

SugarPlumXxOo: i havent tried to see wat? reconize wat?
Sk8er Oam2: n e reason
Sk8er Oam2: nothing
SugarPlumXxOo: dunno usually i have sum1 who is w/ me all
the time and i didnt hae neone 2night..........nooooooooo
tell em
SugarPlumXxOo: me
Sk8er Oam2: that was when we were arguin bout u thinkin i
havent loved u b for and i just pput that u havent taken
the time to recognize that i do love u but u dont have
tobelieve me

Sk8er Oam2: i dont mean wat i put in mah profile
SugarPlumXxOo: so u dotn mean that i havent taken the time
to reconzie it
Sk8er Oam2: no
Sk8er Oam2: well i hope u have
SugarPlumXxOo: ok

SugarPlumXxOo: yeah i have
SugarPlumXxOo: well im gonna go
SugarPlumXxOo: i love u!!!! xoxo
Sk8er Oam2: its just that when u said u didn't believe
that i loved u i was just thinkin that u havent looked
hard enough for it

Sk8er Oam2: y

Sk8er Oam2: dont leave
SugarPlumXxOo: well i havent
Sk8er Oam2: luv ya also
Sk8er Oam2: then do
SugarPlumXxOo: till tired i want to go to bed
and think about it
SugarPlumXxOo: things think about things k?***********
Sk8er Oam2: k b careful
Sk8er Oam2: ?

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