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2001-06-21 05:34:29 (UTC)

without you.

under a starless sky
you kissed me.
for the first time.
and we spent so many
times after this.
and crying.
shareing our secrets.
trust was a vurture
i never posessed.
before you.
before you.
and you taught me so much
of the world and myself.
you taught me how to love.
you told me to trust.
how i felt.
and i loved you.
more fully than i even expressed.
i loved you so much more than
you could ever have guessed.
you were the one thing that kept me alive.
and i could not have dealt.
i would not have survived.
without beliveing your lies.
i would never have felt as i did then.
and now i wouldnt be crying.
you fled with such urgency
it was like...
you were afraid of me.
of what we had built.
and what could have been.
but now i have peace.
with knowning that back then.
you were nothing but fake.
and i am more than you are.
you taught me, but i did it.
and i better now...
without you.
without you...