Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-06-19 10:47:25 (UTC)

Pac-Man Volleyball

Well Ian turned up and things were more fun than before.
We didn't do too much really but it was still fun. We
spent quite a while playing Pac-Man Volleyball. Its just
the same as normal volleyball except you don't have a net,
play it in a big area, wear revealing little pairs of
shorts or even have any rules. Just like volleyball
indeed. Ruth was looking at fic and stuff and Ian had a
tenancy of hitting her. Even when we weren't playing games
that involved trying to hit her. The stupid thing somehow
ripped, either before or during the hitting about so we
had to stop since I don't have any sticky back plastic.
Then we threw a Pikachu plushie at each other. At first we
tried to hit each others groins but I kept staring so we
just threw it with the careful planning of making the
thing spin in certain rotational axes (or axises or
whatever the plural is) then in arcs then just throwing it
about. Ian had a look at my sketches, and was very vocal
about the fact that my drawings shouldn't be sexy. He was
referring to the Rinoa Heartilly I did, its online on my
website . I
like it when people like my pictures, even if I just copy
what I see with my own interpretation, I copy, don't trace.
Ian also looked at my diary, as well as Ruth's but lets talk
about me. Ian expected it to be ful of gloom and doom or
something by the way I "go on about it". I tell it like it
is. I control my destructive tenancies very well. I think he
learned some things about how I work inside. And I don't mean
my insationable desire to have him in some way. He did say
"I'm not the only one who feels like that" about a couple of
things. He might have been making conversation though. Meh,

Mother also came sometime during the evening, must have
been about 8.30pm. The photos I took didn't turn out. Its
not fair, now there's no proof my hair was purple and a
whole lot of other things. If I had a digital camera that
wouldn't happen since they save pictures to memory,
usually FLASH. I'll have a look at prices soon. Maybe I
can get a cheap one somewhere. or more to the point, one
of my parents can get a cheap one somewhere and give it to

Ian left aroun 10.45pm and Ruth left sometime after but
not before I had sown her an amusing website called ( She checked out a
legal way to make a fireworks display with things such as
an E.T. game and a Luke Skywalker Pez dispensor. The sites
worth having a look if you like sarcastic humour. Like me.

Stayed up till 5am then went to sleep. Got up about 11am.
Nothing's happened so far. Till next entry space kittens.

Feedback is appreciated, [email protected]