A Ballad of Excellent Destruction
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2001-06-21 05:26:51 (UTC)

look out scary plants are killing our youth, run and hide!!!!!

well i finally went to court today, 3 long ass
months to be told i need to goto a drug evaluation
program, get a psychical review and that's not till
August 29, that's some fucking bullshit, i think
its funny how America's afraid of a damn plant,
"oh no not marijuana that's evil, get that evil plant
away from me"!
Yet we can drink alcohol and that can kill you,
complacate your liver, you cant operate machinery,
Talk, stand up and take a piss, you vomit, wow what
a great way to feel. They should make drinking an
Olympic sport, ha ha yeah right.I hate democrats!
fucking bunch of pussy's!Their about as worthless
as the bible belt. hiding under a rock and whining
is the best these people can do...

yes weed, the Swedish smoke it and speak 5 languages, I
guess their cheating. i smoke pot and had a 3.75 GPA in
both high school and college but i guess i cheated too.
Now rehabs backed up and the prisons are crowed,75% of
prisoners are drug offenders. 30% are marijuana charges.
All because some buracrat thinks a plant is running
this country in to the ground. its not drugs its people,
drugs dont wind up in mouths mysteriously, people put them there
Remember we didn't have a drug problem, till we had drug laws.