Nate S.

Self Starter
2002-06-19 07:56:47 (UTC)


I saw the stars last night. I guess you can see them from
Fresno. Leslie and i saw a UFO. Was it an alien? dunno but
it was unidentified and flying and probably an object.
Could have been three stars dancing. You never really know
how things work. It was a beautiful night. Summer nights
are nice, the weather is just right to be outside at any
hour, and late nights are always best spent in the company
of a good friend. Life is beautiful when you are in the
right company. Solitude is great and nesseccary at times,
but sometimes I need that person to point out
everyday "ordinary" objects like: rocks, trees, houses,
towns, people, smells. Things i take for granted or don't
even like. I need that person to remind me God is Awesome.
That sticks with me, i think it to myself. It is a
wonderful world. You may never wake tomorrow. What did you
really do today?

-Nathaniel s.