the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2002-06-19 05:24:26 (UTC)

kazza is a peice if shit !

yes i am angry i am one freaking ball of anger .. no lie
and u know what i can be b/c i feel like i have been used
and deffently abused ! no pun intended ! I am so pissed off
at the world .. and i am slowly going insaine b/c of my
mother.. i give up .. no lie as soon as i get the chance i
am going to move out and get on with my life .. everything
in this house is hampering my potental growth into adult
hood .. whats going on with Tom crusie and hisbraces ..
okay i think they look like crap and he did not need them
and they are gross looking b/c they are those invisable
ones and he does not take care of them so they are all
yellowish and stuff
yuck ! humm so lets talk about my personal life .. as
in "personal" .. humm i am kinda freaked out that Wade was
all i love u .. so i blocked him and told him to go away ..
freak he is not my type and i would not ever date him ..
and then tha ghetto love .. yeah right .. okay so Aaron has
gotten on my last nerve and I am not dateing him anymore
and frankly i don't wanna date him anymore .. i want
nothing to do with tha ghetto love thing or the I am hard
all the time .. humm Adam Sandler .. deffently a hottie ..
deffently funny .. okay so that was just a note .. more
like an add in ... oxy cotin .. humm kinda wanna try it ..
ne ways .. on the issue of children .. i hate them i don't
want them .. and then there is a part of me that is like i
know that one day its going to happen but i just don't want
them to hate me as much as i hate my mom and dad.. mainly
my mom .. lets talk about Jeff .. humm so many questions..
does he like me .. and if i lived remotly close to him what
would happen .. .. so many questions.. so much
unanswered .. I wonder if he misses me when I am
not "around".. I dunno there is something about him.. the
kinda something that makes me trust him eventhough i really
don't trust anyone .. humm i dunno .. humm when we talk
about me wanting to get away he says stuff like come live
here .. what does that mean .. the if i was there he would
want a comitment .. u see i will be there eventually ...
like in May I am moving out and away .. i hope i will end
up up there .. i hope ..