Finding my Light
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2002-06-19 05:20:06 (UTC)

The Beginning of Summer

Well, summer has finally reached my house. Finally the
reality of school being out and summer starting has sunk
in. My summer started out okay, but it's getting a lot
better. I'm chillen with Romiah and Courtney more now and
our new friend, Tiffany, is being added to our little
group. Tiffany is real cool and we all love her to death.
Today though was a lot of fun. Tiffany, Romiah,
Courtney, and I all went to the beach in New Port. The
drive there went smoothely. At first it was really cloudy
there, but within an hour it got sunny.
It was basically a girl's day out. We didn't meet any
guys. We all just enjoyed each other's company. We had a
lot of fun in the water also. It wasn't even that cold.
You just needed to stand in it for five minutes and then it
would start to feel good.
It was sad though when we all started baggin on some of
the poeple there, but it was so-o funny! Seriously though,
some people need to check themselves before they leave the
house! After we all had a nice drive back home and saw so-
o many guys! We couldn't believe that we would find all
these guys in traffic! It was something that could only
happen with us. There was one thing we all learned that
day though... put more sun block on!!!
I really enjoyed today. Infact, this week is looking
to be pretty good. I'm seeing more of an old friend of
mine, Daniel. I hope we become better friends as summer
passes. I got along with him a lot in the past and had a
lot of fun with him.

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