My life...one day at a time
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2001-06-21 04:25:52 (UTC)


Why is that I feel like I am the only one confused with
life? At times I feel like I am the only one with
problems.....but I know I'm not. Some peoples problems are
worse than mine. I don't let people know when I am upset. I
just smile all the time to cover it up. So there is always
that time when I completly loose it and cry forever. I don't
know why life has to be so hard on me. If people knew what I
was talking about that, then they would know its not that
big of a deal. But with all these tests and crap my other
problems don't help. I wish I could just run away for a week
and then come back and have them solved. But thats not
thinking in reality. Oh well we all have problems...some big
some not so big. I supose I will just let it keep being a
problem and confuse certain people and stress myself out
even more......and usually them. Well thats about it. I just
had to let that out.