Ben's Angel

My Angel
2002-06-19 03:59:24 (UTC)


Dear Journal,

Hey! Well, here I am, writing again. It's been awhile I

I'm worried about Bec. Her mum read her Free Open Diary so
she had to delete it. I think her diary was one of the only
things that kept her sane, or something. So I'm really
worried about her because I don't want her to go back into
her depression. She really means alot to me and I hate
seeing her upset, angry or depressed. See, she's like a
little sister to me, so if someone hurts her, they hurt me
too, so now I'm upset for her. That's bad becasue I've
finished my first semester, and I'm on 2 and a half weeks
holidays now, so I should be enjoying life, but when one of
my friends is hurt or sad, it puts a dampining on
everything. Do you know what I mean?

Anyway, I'm at the local libary typing this, I only got a
little while left, so I should get off here, seeya