Thoughts to Share
2002-06-19 03:50:22 (UTC)

just today

Got up as usual this morning. Well, except for the fact
that it was the 2nd day our air was broken. But,
actually...it wasn't too bad in the morning. Apparently
the heat made me dream strange things.
First of all...I dreamed that I was at the museum...that I
used to work at back in high school and my first year of
college or so. The NC Transportation Museum in the lovely
town of Spencer. But, I wasn't working, I was apparently a
chaperone for a group of kids. Except...I had my letter
jacket with me...from high school. That didn't exactly
make much sense to me. Somehow I managed to lose my letter
jacket and my camera. In going back to look for them I got
in what I thought was an elevator-which also doesn't make
sense b/c to my knowledge there are no elevators anywhere
on the property. The "elevator" did take you down or up,
whichever way...but it was also like a ride. It made you
feel like you were jumping out of a plane, or falling, or
diving in a submarine (with trickling water and
everything). It was very strange. Eventually I remembered
where I had left my camera...but I woke up before I found
The next dream...well, it was just as strange. I always
have dreams about people trying to break into my house.
It's always a race...I'm trying to get to the door and lock
it before they can get to the door and get in. It's really
scary. Anyways-the person got in this time. He was a
hillbilly. Don't ask me how or why I knew that, but he
was. I'm not sure what he wanted...something about a birth
certificate. Yeah...it was strange.
Physics class today....well, class as usual. The
prospect..yeah, he was nice today. Wait-first...Mer and I
observed the soccer camp pass by our porch this morning
during brkfst. Ha. But, the prospect...yeah, he laughed
at us this morning.
Lunch with the 5,000 screaming youngsters.
Lab...Mer and I were successful in finishing the lab...not
only did we finish in an hour. But, we finished in an hour
while having to start over with a completly new set-up.
Not only did we finish, but got excellent results!!
Yeah...we're idiots.
Was that all I was supposed to write about?