Mary of Wienerschnitzel

like yo' face
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2001-06-21 04:07:07 (UTC)

i hate chili's

well, i just got dropped off from work by some unknown guy.
I kinda know him but not really. I've known him to hit on
me while curousing in the bar at work and that's about it.
Yeah, he asked me to go swimming with him at his apartment
tonight... and if I really wanted to mess around with
someone that bad I would've. But no. If my brother would
have not been on the internet, then I could have avoided
this whole speel but you know, whatever. My work is ever so
graciously allowing my to wear my nose ring... 10 for
Chili's. I had more hours during the school year though -
onemillion for Chili's. My father is out of town till
Saturday night. A year ago I would have been like "PARTY! P-
A-R-T-...Y? because i gotta!" NOw I'm like... "walk around
in my undies-play music loud and sing along-eat water
melon, for lack of better food in refrigerator-spend lonely
nights by my lonesome watching Yellow Submarine (which is a
fantastic animation) and Flight of the Navagator-and
falling asleep in the wee hours of the morning." But i
guess when you have the opporatunity... there is no fun.
Guy has been over a few times though. I do like him. I went
on a date with Jeremy and it was sooo cute. But his
goodnight kiss was akward for some odd reason. I dunno. I'm
just going to see what happens. I have such bad luck and
timing with boys. It is crazy. I know that I do not need
them though and I should foccus on God and all... but i
dunno. Something is holding me back from plunging into the
whole God thing. I do not know what it is. Something of the
devil I suppose... if feelings are from the devil. I don't
know, everytime I go to deliverance I see how God has
worked in people and I want it to be me, and then I think
about all the things that are sinful in my life, and i
realize there is so much I shouldn't be doing... but i do
not want to give it up. It's terrible I know. I like to
make out boys (not that there are any boys currently)
About Guy... We use to talk.. then he stopped calling. I finally
thought i was through and over him and he shows up saying he likes
me. UHHGGG Boys are silly ya know. And I am weak and cannot say what
I want and how I feel whenever I want. I will work on that. And I
still like him.

I am liking Deliverance. It is great. I really liked how
last Sunday we worshiped in a different way than I have
ever worshiped before. The people playing the instraments
just played and we sang whatever was on our hearts. It was
I started drivers ed today. It's about time eh? I will be
17 on October 17th. Andrea got her car... it's an eighty
sumthin' camaro... it's mucho spank though. But yes, I must
be on my way. This is my first entry and hopefullyi keep
this up. I am bad at keeping journals up. That is all, bye.

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