The land of unknown
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2002-06-19 03:26:52 (UTC)

Slave The Way!

Mood: i've been watching too much Trigun, ^__^
Music: Alice in Chains, 'Rooster'

It's been 40 years now. not really, but it's been a while.
it's also been a while since i got any replies, but i mean
from the past posts. anywho, i play Magic now. my
friend Ian taught me. i also play Lord of the Rings TCG
and i went back to playing that old Rage TCG. my
brother also got some Vampire, The Eternal Struggle
cards and we play that too. and yea, it's times like these
i really miss my friends in CA cuz now schools out and
i've no friends to talk to. the one screen name i got, i've
never seen him online, and i have a total of 2 email
addresses to which neither has replied my email of last
week. so, my summer's lookin to be a lonely one. i have
been online a few times since school got out and
talked with some friends, but i haven't seen kitty on yet.
-_- wanna see my Vash face?
it looks much better on AIM. *sigh* i feel lonely. no one's
online. -_- oh well.