crackheads thoughts
2002-06-19 03:26:37 (UTC)

~~la la la ~~

well....i havent been on here for a long time so i thought
i would get on here & think a while. i have a livejournal
now so i guess thats y i havent been on here in a while. i
just got back from ashley browns house.....ashley pedigo &
josh shaw waz over there. im hopin to have some friends
over friday for a shana, ashley pedigo,
ashley brown, josh,jon,micah, but i dunno if im gonna get
to or not.... ashley pedigo is pose to be on here but she
aint...i hadnt seen her for like 2 weeks so thats
kool...she came up & gave me a big hug. im in like 2 groups
now!!!cause i mean like i talk to one group {include}
ashley pedigo, shana,ashley brown,micah,josh,&jon but then
again i gots another group....{include}
samantha,brandon,stephaine,& nicki {i dont really talk 2
nicki that much but she is part of brandon & steph so....}
& one group dont like the other group..but i wanna invite
samantha & nicki & brandon & steph to my cook-out too but i
dont think that would work out to i said
before there would be two groups there & i would be like
stuck there in the middle. but there all really kool...its
just me .....i dont know what or who i wanna be.
a way i wanna switch sides.......go to nicki & there side
really bad...but then again ....RRAH i dunno i just dont
know who i am......this makes me so confused i dont know
who i am!!!!! am i CRAZY, A FREAK , I KNOW IM NOT A PREP!!
IM I NORMAL!!!RAHHH i just dont know..well i better go now
cause i have nothing else to say just that i dont know who
i am & i really wish i did!!!i need help......i cant do
this much longer!!!!!!!!!!