Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-06-19 02:46:00 (UTC)

The senerio- exactly

ooooook lets break this down more than you already have
tricia dumps matt and leaves
matt chases like a dog chasing a u haul truck
ex bf comes in the pic and basically says
i can do better
tricia says "hey i just got off work, give me time to rest"
fred doesnt care
cause he hasnt had a job for quite awhile (from what it
sounds like)
and then tricia "lil bro" best friend im guessing
says "hey work for me and youll get even more benefits"
and tricia screams out of frustration
sounds like tricia needs to let the bullets of frustration
spray all over these guys to let them know that shes not
havin it right now
but it sounds like lots of ammo will be required

lmao. Thats it exactly. I love him. Lol.