Reality Bites
2002-06-19 02:36:13 (UTC)


Ok, so yesterday I went to Mia's at like 1, then we chilled
there til our practice and then I went back to her house
and slept over. We didn't do much. She was talking to Luke
on-line and she was asking him why he doesnt ask me out and
stuff and bugging him and he said he didn't wanna 'be with'
anyone right now, and she was like 'hel-lo! u are already
are with her, you talk to her every night and say you love
each-other!!', and he was like 'yeah i guess you're right,
we'll see what happens' Then he said he wanted to tell me a
story so he called me at her house. We talked for like 15
and then he had to go, so yeah..their was a wierd pause and
both of us didnt wanna hang up but we didnt know if we were
still saying 'I love you', so I just said it and he said it
quickly and then we said talk to you later and that was
it...I have to finish this in like an hour..later