Me and X
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2002-06-19 02:05:12 (UTC)


X hit his wife last night... as bad as he hit me. my ex
boyfriend Adam said a long time ago.. "it takes a real
fuckin coward to hit a woman"
i wish x didnt do it. i wish he would prove everyone wrong
about him.
i am not sure about his health yet, if he has a brain tumor
or what but. i hope he doesnt.
i think this fuckin kid jared at work has a crush on me. by
the way he talks to me and acts towards me. its funny. i
havent felt someones eyes on me in a long time. i havent
noticed someone looking at me like that in a long long
time. i guess its flattering......... but i just want x.
everyday more and more.. i cant see how the fuck i was able
to cheat on him.

i cant wait to see him this weekend.. its all set.
everything is set. my cover with my parents and
everything. i need him.i wish he didnt fucking hit n. it
scared him, and it kinda scares me that he did it. i want
him to be better than that because i know he is. i just
hope he isnt very sick.

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