the magenta files
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2002-06-19 01:50:07 (UTC)

box cookies

i'm angry and frustrated and tired, and upset and confused
and worried and i don't fell well. But I'm sure the not
feeling well is related to the other things. i think, and
am sure i will not say why i am these things now, but that
i do wish to fix them... for them to go away... just, for
me to fix them. do you understand? i would not expect. i
don't think i can write more that would be of any use to
anyone-not even myself. i made cookies. the timer rang. i
go to the cookies. the cookies are not done. i set the
timer for more time. i cry because i made them from a mix.
X.that last part is a lie...i did not cry. but who knows
what the future holds? i must go as i am getting to weird
for you to comprehend. but i may come back some day.

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