a freak with a heart
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2002-06-19 01:43:52 (UTC)

just around the corner


all most time to go. i can't wait! just a few more days
and i'll be on my way to New Mexico. then a few more days
and i'll be on my way into the arms of my sweet baby.
YAYAYAYAYAY i seriously can not wait. i am looking forward
to going to New Mexico so much. i have never been there
before. my aunts gonna take us over to mexico as well but im
not sure if im looking forward to that lol. mexico is not
the first place i would wish to go. im gonna have a great
time with my cousins Ash, Chris, and Dave. we are gonna be
going out with his friends all the time. and his friends
all do weed, lol so does Ash. i was gonna ry it when i go
down there with them but then i started thinking, i don't
want o get myself into trouble. lol i really do not want to
be high and all fucked up in the head with a bunch of my
cousins guy friends. no way in hell!!!!!! who knows what i
would do and i am not willing to take that chance when im
not with my boyfriend. sooooo even though i kinda did
wanted to try it when i was around my cousins im no going
to. im not gonna get drunk of high! but it should be fun
anway. i'll just be the one laughing at everyone else cause
of how stupid they look.
see now when i go to see jeremy thats when i can do what
ever the hell i want! and im going to! it's my summer, my
lasy real summer before i have to get a summer job and
focus on college so hell im gonna have FUN! FUN FUN FUN,
and lots of trouble. ok maybe not that much trouble lol!
i'll be the good little girl i am and keep both feet on the
ground at all times (wink) lol. be bad, who me, NEVER. im a
little angel really. just ask anyone, but not jeremy, don't
ask him (he lies) lol. fun days on the way!!!!!


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