The bald guy with one ball and stumps fo
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2001-06-21 03:22:41 (UTC)


HAHA LIFE 101........I don't really have the best life
ever! My one and only love hates me most of the time! The
only reason I am alive is for her! I hate life! I hated it
alot before, but since I met Megan, my beautiful love, I
have a reason to live! I still hate my life though! I wish
I could make Megan REALLY happy, though! It seems like I
mess EVERYTHING up!!!! That's because I do! I wish I didn't
make her mad all the time! Ok, on a lighter note,
MORRISSEY!!!!!!! I looooove my Steven Patrick Morrissey!
Megan likes him, too! That's good, but he is MY husband and
not hers!!!!!! I'm talking to her right now. She's mad at
me and I know she is because she is acting like it, but
it's ok. It doesn't matter to me! I know that it's just
another stupid fight if I end up getting mad, so I won't
get mad! Oh well, I LOVE MY BABY!!!!! I love her VERY VERY
much! I miss her right now! I'm talking to her, but I want
to SEE her!!!! Anyways, I gotta get goin. Later diary!