Life Makeover
2002-06-18 22:00:47 (UTC)

Just getting started on something new.

Time Management! I will be studying time management on
ivillage this week. I am hoping this will be my focus and
maybe everything else will fall into place. Such as My
Main Goal: 125lbs., scheduals, oraganizing home and meals,
the children, my new beauty regiment and some genealogy on
only certain days. Most of all staying too busy to smoke.

I know that attitude is everything in everything you do.
Maybe if I can see all of this as it really being alot
simpler than I keep thinking. Getting overwhelmed has
caused me to procrastenate way too much and I am now in a
horrible mess with everything.

Rewards! This really works for me, just like the naughty
kids in kidnegarden that get a green, blue or red badge at
the end of the day to show their parents what they had
accomplished for the day. The day I finally worked out and
felt great, the next day I took more time on fixing my hair
and styling it. Something I never do. I did not feel
guilty even though I had a whole household of people
waiting on me to do something with them. Rewards are
deffinately a big part of my new Time Management Skills!

Guess that's it for now. Have more water to drink and a
closet to organize.